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A Teen's Perspective

Apr 29, 2024

In this episode, Dr. RJ describes the unique dynamic between high achieving teens and parents that are considered "successful." This discovery can prevent your child from underachieving after graduation from high school.

Apr 20, 2024

In this episode, Dr. RJ discusses the most common "manipulation" tactics used by teens. They are very effective when parents are afraid to maintain boundaries in the home. Dr. RJ not only shares examples, but he also gives a solution. If you are interested in life coaching for your teenager, schedule a consultation at

Apr 3, 2024

Dr. RJ discusses one of the most asked questions in his life coaching program, and thats how to punish their teenager in a way to get them to change their behavior. In this episode, you will learn when to punish and how to punish. Also, Dr. RJ shares his philosophy that is different than gentle parenting.