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A Teen's Perspective

Mar 27, 2024

In this episode, Dr. RJ teaches parents about their teens' mindset and how it contributes to their resistance towards school, chores, and other activities they dislike. Parents will learn why willpower doesn't work for teenagers. Finally, Dr. RJ shares why it doesn't require years of therapy to help your teen. In some...

Mar 20, 2024

In this episode, Dr. RJ discusses the importance of lifelines. Lifelines are memories of past experiences where a child overcomes. This creates a powerful source of motivation in any given moment. Dr. RJ explains how parents can rob their teenagers of these experiences by giving in to their demands. If you are a parent...

Mar 13, 2024

In this episode, Dr. RJ takes you through his journey with life coaching and what he discovered to be the fastest transformation in teenagers. Whether your child struggles with confidence, motivation, social media addiction, procrastination, anger, anxiety, or depression, it is possible for your child to make a massive...

Mar 6, 2024

In this episode, Dr. RJ shares a common mistake parents of teenagers make often. This mistake can hinder a child from maximizing their full potential. If you are interested in learning about Dr. RJ life coaching program for pre-teens, teenagers, and young adults schedule your consultation at